Small Business Certifications

In an effort to spur general competition in the federal marketplace, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has set up regulations to ensure that small businesses have a level playing field against big businesses. Part of these regulations are base on dollar value.

Any requirement expected to be in the below ranges:

$3.5k to $150k

required to be exclusively set-aside for small business

$150k to $700k

Shall also be set-aside if if there is atleast two responsible small business concerns are competitive in terms of market prices, quality, and delivery.


If awarded to Other-Than-Small-Business, the awardee must create a subcontracting plan to establish how they will subcontract to small businesses to help meet certain subcontracting goals

Small Business Set-Aside types

Along with dollar threshold, the SBA also has specific goals for “which kind” of small businesses they would like contracts to be awarded to. Below is a break down of what the set asides are and what percentage the goals are. You may click the set-aside type to view eligibility requirements. 



Set Aside TypePercent Set-Aside
Women Owned Small Business5
Small Disadvantaged Business5
Vetran Owned Small Business3
Small Business23
Open Market 61



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