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What is a GSA Contract?

GSA Advantage is an incredible business development opportunity for your company to get its goods and services in front of federal buyers. GSA Advantage is an e-commerce site akin to Amazon® where all products and services on GSA Advantage are pre-negotiated to include pricing, delivery terms, and clauses in one of 24 schedules.

How Will A GSA Schedule Help My Organization?



Like the name suggests, GSA Advantage will give your a great competitive advantage and allows your company to sell your product or service ahead of your competitors. Federal Buyers prefer to use GSA Schedules over open-market quotes because the turnaround time and work required is much less due to all necessary terms and conditions being pre-negotiated by GSA when you are awarded your schedule and is also a suggested source of supply in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).


Only vendors with a valid GSA Schedule will be notified of federal requirements solicited on GSA’s E-Buy system, reducing the total competition for your company. Due to the fact that a large chunk of all federal requirements are solicited this way each year, your company cannot afford to be missing this sales channel as part of your company wide strategy.


Government Wide

$45B annually is spent through GSA each year across 91 different government agencies from the Department of Defense to State and Local Government. This wide reaching platform represents an unprecedented business development opportunity to grow and/or obtain consistent, steady sales for your company.

What Is Required?

Being awarded a GSA Schedule should be every company's next step in the federal marketplace. However, GSA has stringent requirements to ensure that your company is selling premier products and services, that are both cost effective and durable. These requirements include getting a deep look into the internals of your business to show how your company has already exceeded expectations in the commercial and federal markets and why your company deserves to have an exclusive contract to sell through GSA Advantage. In order to demonstrate those attributes your company must submit more than 30 pages of documentations and complete hours of online training. We understand that most businesses do not have the dedicated manpower to completing this daunting task; That's where we would love to help.

What Rylo Consulting Will Do For You

 GSA tailored business plan

 Pathway to Success Certificate

 Readiness Assessment

 Find appropriate NAICS, Schedule, and SIN for the GSA contract

 Financial Excellence Demonstration

 Corporate Experience Narrative

 Past Performance

 Technical Proposal

 Quality Control Narrative

 Price Proposal

 Negotiations of Terms and Conditions With a GSA Contracting Officer

 Commercial Sales Practices Format

 Raising the Bar narrative

 Summary of Offer

 Small Business Subcontracting Plan (if applicable)

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