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The Federal Government spends $460B a year on products and services in almost every industry. Rylo Consulting is a third party registration service that will get your business registered in the required systems to sell your product or service to the largest contractor in the world; The Federal Government. Let Rylo Consulting open up your company to a whole new sector of sales.


The US Federal Government is the largest contractor in the world and one of the most profitable sectors of the economy. In order to do business with the government you must be registered in the System for Award Management (SAM). Doing this on your own can take more than 30 hours, and even this time sink does not guarantee full compliance. You cannot start selling your product or service to the government until you have an active registration. Open up your business to a whole new source of income by allowing Rylo Consulting to file all paperwork on your company's behalf. We will handle the yearly renewal and ensure that you remain complaint as regulations change, so you can focus on growing your company.

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GSA Registration

A General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule is the Amazon® for federal contracting. It allows you to post your product or service to a centralized directory at where government buyers can purchase your items to fulfill the needs of the federal government. Every year $30 to $45 billion is spent on commercial products and services exclusively through GSA Advantage, and are not posted to Although it is a lengthy process, getting a GSA Schedule gives you an incredible competitive advantage that will ensure you are noticed by government contracting specialists, and will propel you to the forefront of whole new market for your company’s product or service. Rylo Consulting will complete all required documentation and get your company awarded a GSA contract to allow you to take advantage of this incredible source and increase company revenues.

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Small Business Administration 

23% of all open market orders and 80% of all orders made through a GSA Schedule are set aside for small business. Being registered with the Small Business Administration (SBA) will allow you to generate greater sales, and will be instrumental in kickstarting your business in the federal market. The small business not only allows you to get more business with the government, they also have mentorship programs, loans with 0% interest, trainings and outreach events. Different industries require a certain employee count or revenue thresholds to qualify. Rylo Consulting will find your company's certification, and ensure that you reap all the benefits this program has to offer. While some small business certifications can be self-certified on System for Award Management(SAM), some require you to file lengthy documentation directly with the Small Business Administration. Rylo Consulting can ensure your eligibility and file the required documentation so your company can participate in the government contracts that are "set-aside".

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